Armed Force Pest Control Inc.

License # PR 4227


Common Questions and Answers

1.Do you have organic and non-toxic treatments available?

Yes. We can provide complete treatments using the most environmentally friendly materials and methods available to the pest control industry with licensed and highly trained technicians.

2.What services does your company provide?

Residential and commercial pest control including...
Fleas, bed bugs, ants, earwigs, spiders, yellow jackets and wasps, beetles, ticks, scorpions, cockroaches, moths, pantry pests, and more.
Tree spraying and fertilization
Rodent control and exclusion repairs including...
Moles, mice, rats, bats and more.
Weed abatement

3.What sets you apart from other Pest Control companies?

First and foremost, honesty and integrity. We strive to be the best Pest Control experts you have used. Customer satisfaction is of up most priority.

Knowledge: We stay up to date on the latest developments and techniques in the industry.

Safety: Armed Force Pest Control will never compromise safety... ever.

Agricultural licensing... Armed Force Pest Control is licensed to do agricultural work as well as Structural Pest Control. This allows us to not only spray the perimeter of the structure but also out into the yard and surrounding trees and shrubs, where many pests like to hide.



Our experienced staff will perform complete yard sprays to eliminate pests that prefer living in plants and trees. Accessible spider webs on the exterior of the structure will be removed.  Interior treatments are performed in a safe and effective manner. We provide tree spraying or injecting for a variety of insects and/or diseases, including Sudden Oak Death Syndrome (SOD). Our technicians are experts in rodent removal and exclusion repairs.


We service many commercial accounts and are skilled at making sure that your business does not suffer because of a pest problem. Our quick response time and effective treatments have earned us the business of numerous hotels and motels, resorts, grocery stores, wineries, golf courses, restaurants, professional offices and many other small & large businesses..