Armed Force Pest Control, Inc             Locally Owned & Operated, License # PR 4227
 707-987-9828      707-263-0170

General Pest Control Yellow Jacket Baiting 

 Weed Abatement  Bed Bug Eradication 

 Pest Exclusion Experts Cockroach Elimination 

Tree Spraying & Fertilization  Rodent Extermination & Removal

Residential & Commercial 

#1 in Lake County~ Let us prove it to you!

Armed Force Pest Control, Inc. does more to solve your pest control problems than our competitors. Our Agricultural License as well as Structural Pest Control License allows us to treat shrubs, bushes, landscaping & trees resulting in pest control that exceeds what most can offer. Let us prove it to you! 


Our Services Include:

-General Pest Control for ants, spiders and other ground crawling insects

-Tree & Garden Spraying

-Weed Control

-Yellow Jacket Baiting (no trapping involved)

-Experts in Bed Bug removal and cockroach elimination

-Fly Control for Commercial Accounts

-Rodent Removal & Exclusion Repairs

-Humane Bat Removals & Exclusion Repairs 

-Experts in Integrated Pest Management (IPM)

-IPM inspection certified for Industry & Government Standards, including schools

-Guarenteed Treatments

Experience, Integrity, Honesty & Dependability, Let Us Prove It!


*Guaranteed treatments are for general pests only. These include: ants, earwigs, crickets, spiders, wasps, yellow jackets, and scorpions.

Warning: Keep an eye out for these Cone-Nose Bugs, also know as Kissing Bugs. They can cause many different life threatening illnesses.