Yellow jackets are a nuisance and cause painful stings. Don’t allow yellow jackets to ruin your time outdoors or your outdoor events. Armed Force Pest Control services many residential accounts as well as grocery stores, hotels, restaurants, parks, beaches, wineries and more to keep them yellow jacket free.

Trapping doesn’t work! Hanging traps for yellow jackets only attracts more to the area. It doesn’t make sense to bring more to the area when you are trying to get rid of them. Armed Force Pest Control’s unique baiting program is highly effective and will produce unbelievable results in just days or less. Our baiting program not only works to eliminate adult yellow jackets but actually eradicates the whole colony when the yellow jackets take the bait back to the colony.

Enjoy your time outdoors and stop worrying about getting stung… we will solve your yellow jacket problem… guaranteed!