Armed Force Pest Control, Inc. provides installation of high quality vapor barriers in crawl space, also known as sub-areas, for the purpose of controlling moisture problems.

A crawl space is an area of limited height underneath the floor of your house. It typically allows just enough room for someone to crawl underneath, hence the origin of its namesake.

Excess water often invades crawl spaces, which can lead to mold and other issues. If moisture is a problem, it is important to identify the source of water. If the moisture is the result of poor circulation, Armed Force Pest Control, Inc. can install a plastic vapor barrier on the floor and address ventilation issues. This will help keep the space dry. It is important to consistently maintain a crawl space. If the process of checking under your home every few months becomes arduous, then our inspection services will benefit you and ensure the health of your crawl space and entire home.

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