Ants, spiders, earwigs, crickets… Armed Force Pest Control, Inc. keeps these pests away from your home and yard so you don’t have to deal with them. Our general pest control services keep your home or business virtually free of annoying ground crawling pests. We offer one-time, monthly, bi-monthly & quarterly services based on your needs.

With our maintenance programs you really reap the rewards of having pest control due to the property and home being maintained regularly. Our customers love not having to deal with ants or spiders in their homes and business or in their yards…. and you will too!

Armed Force Pest Control, Inc. has an Agricultural License in addition to Structural License for pest control and this allows us to treat more areas than our competitors. We are not limited to the structures perimeter like many pest control companies are. In fact, with each service that is provided, a treatment to the surrounding yard and landscaping is included at no additional cost!

You will notice the difference immediately!


Yellow jackets are a nuisance and cause painful stings. Don’t allow yellow jackets to ruin your time outdoors or your outdoor events. Armed Force Pest Control services many residential accounts as well as grocery stores, hotels, restaurants, parks, beaches, wineries and more to keep them yellow jacket free.

Trapping doesn’t work! Hanging traps for yellow jackets only attracts more to the area. It doesn’t make sense to bring more to the area when you are trying to get rid of them. Armed Force Pest Control’s unique baiting program is highly effective and will produce unbelievable results in just days or less. Our baiting program not only works to eliminate adult yellow jackets but actually eradicates the whole colony when the yellow jackets take the bait back to the colony.

Enjoy your time outdoors and stop worrying about getting stung… we will solve your yellow jacket problem… guaranteed!


If you notice yellow jackets entering your structure from the outside, call us right away. Yellow jackets enter the structure, usually the attic, and use the sheetrock to build their nests. This causes the sheetrock to become paper thin and eventually, if not caught quick enough, the sheetrock will tear allowing yellow jackets to enter the structure, or, the entire nest will fall through the sheetrock, filling your home with thousands of angry yellow jackets. Armed Force Pest Control works quickly to eliminate the yellow jackets in your structure, protecting you and your home or business.


Rodent infestations have become more prevalent as more homes and businesses are built. Mice and rats are forced out of the rural areas where they used to live and into urban areas because they have no other place to go.

Armed Force Pest Control uses a three step process for ridding your home of rodents and preventing re-entry.

1) Inspection: One of our highly trained technicians will perform a thorough inspection of the entire structure locating any points of entry 1/4” or larger. We will then prepare an exclusion report and graph which pinpoints and outlines areas that need to be repaired and will provide you with a quote for the necessary repairs.

2) Trapping: Traps will be set inside of the structure to remove any rodents that are inside. No poison will be used! Using poisons can result in the rodent dying in a wall or other inaccessible area and causing horrific odor problems.

3) Exclusion repairs: Permanent repairs will be completed to prevent re-entry of rodents.

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When exclusion is not an option, we offer an exterior rodent baiting program which is highly effective and works to reduce the rodent population from the outside. Tamper-proof rodent bait stations are placed in areas outside the structure and are secured by cables for safety. Rodent baiting eliminates the rodents before they get into your home or business. Armed Force Pest Control, Inc. has provided rodent baiting services for countless numbers of businesses including restaurants, casinos, hotel, grocery stores, schools, apartment complexes and residential accounts as well.


Armed Force Pest Control, Inc. offers the following treatment methods for bed bug eradication.

Heat Treatments

Our heat treatments involve us bringing in specially designed equipment to raise the temperature in your home to kill the bed bugs. Bed bugs and eggs die within 90 minutes at 118°F (48°C) or immediately at 122°F (50°C). During a heat treatment, the air temperature in the room is typically between 135°F (57.2°C) and 145°F (62.7 °C). Our highly trained technicians will place remote thermometers throughout the home, to make sure the right temperatures are reached. We watch the thermometers closely to ensure that it gets hot enough to kill bed bugs. A heat treatment typically takes between six and eight hours, depending on the condition of the area being treated.

During the heat treatment pets and any heat sensitive items that may melt or be damaged at temperatures up to 150°F degrees should be removed from the area being treated. Make sure to discuss any items of concern with us as anything not treated with heat will need to be treated in another way.

Heat treatments do not offer any residual effects and your home could quickly become re-infested after a heat treatment if prevention steps are not taken to re-introduce bed bugs into the area.

We recommend allowing us to apply a residual insecticide to the border of the home/room being treated as a preventative measure to reduce the risk of future infestation by re-introducing bed bugs to the area.

Insecticide Treatments

Insecticide treatments are a very effective way of controlling bed bugs. Three different types of insecticides are used in order to achieve the best result. Armed Force Pest Control, Inc. uses the highest quality materials available including;

  • A fast-acting, contact insecticide for use on surfaces that humans frequently touch, i.e. sofas.
  • A residual insecticide for inside furniture, cracks and crevices and the underside of surfaces we touch.
  • A dust insecticide for cracks, crevices and voids, such as electrical outlets. Typically, insecticide treatments requires multiple treatments roughly one week apart, as it is unlikely all the bed bugs will be killed in the initial treatment. An insecticide treatment typically takes about 30 minutes to 2 hours per room depending on size and condition of the room. Once the treatment is complete you should wait 3 - 4 hours to re-enter the treated area.
  • Armed Force Pest Control, Inc. will provide you with a detailed list of instructions for how to prepare your home. It is very important to follow these directions as closely as possible. Preparing the home is a very important step in any treatment process. Improper preparation is one of the main reasons that treatment for bed bugs fail.

Bed bug infestations can be difficult to eradicate, however, Armed Force Pest Control, Inc. uses the best equipment & materials and has the skill & knowledge to solve your bed bug issues quickly & effectively.


Bats are a protected species and cannot be killed or injured. Although bats can be beneficial to the environment, they can also cause extensive and costly damage to your home. Bat guano (feces) is toxic to humans and has a very distinct, unpleasant odor which can be difficult to remove. We have seen homes that were infested with bats for so long that the bat guano and urine had permeated into the wood and insulation in the attic, making insulation removal &replacement necessary. At Armed Force Pest Control, Inc., we are highly experienced in humane bat removal and will eliminate the infestation before it gets any worse. We use a three step process when dealing with bat infestations.

1) Inspection: One of our highly trained technicians will perform a thorough inspection of the entire structure locating any points of entry 1/4” or larger. We will then prepare an exclusion report outlining the areas that need to be repaired and will provide you with a quote for the repairs.

2) Bat removal: Our technicians will use special one-way exit netting to allow the bats to humanely exit the structure but prohibit re-entry.

3) Exclusion repairs: Permanent repairs will be completed to prevent re-entry of bats at the time the netting is removed. Rest assured that we use great care in making sure that the repairs blend into the home as much as possible and will not be visually unpleasant.


Tree spraying involves using specialized equipment to apply protective coats of safe, chemical pest controller to the foliage and bark of trees. The primary purpose for tree spraying services is to prevent nuisance pests and pest infestations. Not only can pests be a nuisance to homeowners and reduce the quality and convenience of your property, they can also severely damage or kill trees overtime. Common tree pests include aphids, termites, larva, beetles, Emerald Ash Borers, pine borers, carpenter ants and more. Spraying trees can protect them from pests and allow them to flourish safely and naturally. Tree spraying is done once to twice per year and is a small investment in comparison to tree removal and replacement.

Benefits Include:

  • Controls Parasites and Insect Infestations
  • Increases Lifespan
  • Promotes Healthy Growth
  • Keeps Trees Looking Beautiful


Weed spraying service is done semi-annually before or early Fall & Spring. Two services per year will keep your yard virtually weed free and save you time and money. Our service includes the use of a pre-emergent and a post-emergent weed spray. The pre-emergent works in the seedling stage of the weed while the post-emergent works on the already emerged weed. Weed spraying not only makes your home more attractive and well-kept but also reduces fire danger in the hotter weather seasons.

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