Rodent infestations have become more prevalent as more homes and businesses are built. Mice and rats are forced out of the rural areas where they used to live and into urban areas because they have no other place to go.

Armed Force Pest Control uses a three step process for ridding your home of rodents and preventing re-entry.

1) Inspection: One of our highly trained technicians will perform a thorough inspection of the entire structure locating any points of entry 1/4” or larger. We will then prepare an exclusion report and graph which pinpoints and outlines areas that need to be repaired and will provide you with a quote for the necessary repairs.

2) Trapping: Traps will be set inside of the structure to remove any rodents that are inside. No poison will be used! Using poisons can result in the rodent dying in a wall or other inaccessible area and causing horrific odor problems.

3) Exclusion repairs: Permanent repairs will be completed to prevent re-entry of rodents.

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