Weed Spraying Services in Calistoga, CA

The only things that grow on your property in Calistoga, CA, should be the things that you want there. Get rid of pests and weeds with help from Armed Force Pest Control, Inc. Our pest control and weed spraying services will get the job done.

Trust Our Excellent Services

Armed Force Pest Control, Inc., has served the Calistoga, CA, area since 2002, giving us over 15 years of local experience. We work with both homeowners and commercial clients, including restaurants, casinos, hotels, and grocery stores. No matter what kind of property you have, we can get rid of bugs, rodents, and weeds so it stays in great shape.

Whether you're a homeowner or a businessperson, we want to give you our best work. Thanks to our effective services and excellent customer service, we have a long list of return customers. We hope you'll join them and trust us with your pest control and weed spraying.

Reach Out to Us

To get in touch with Armed Force Pest Control, Inc., give us a call at (707) 987-9828 or send an email to info@armedforcepest.com. We're based in nearby Middletown, CA, and are proud to serve Calistoga. We look forward to assisting you.