Sarah Pape

Sarah Pape is the President of Armed Force Pest Control, Inc., and the widow of Armed Force Pest Control, Inc.’s founder John Pape. As one of the Pest Control industries best and most knowledgeable professionals, John was the perfect mentor & teacher and shared his extensive knowledge and years of experience with Sarah.  A passion for solving their customers pest & weed control issues safely, effectively, at a reasonable cost & with outstanding customer service in all aspects remains the top priority of Armed Force Pest Control, Inc.

Sarah’s knowledge and dedication has brought the company consistent growth from year to year while also keeping customer satisfaction at an all time high. Her commitment to not only her customers, but to her employees as well is very apparent. Sarah continually furthers her knowledge of the Pest & Weed Control industry and utilizes the newest and most advanced techniques, equipment & materials available in the companies day to day practices.

Sarah is also dedicated to helping the local community through donations, sponsorships and  more. Giving back to the community, local schools, sports teams, rotary groups and other organizations through financial assistance or volunteering time is important to her and frequently done through Armed Force Pest Control, Inc.

Outside of work, Sarah is mother to her daughter, Mackenzie, sons Dominic & Tyler and their two English Bulldogs, Maci Mae & Cleo. She is a skilled artist and loves to create unique pieces using semi-precious gemstones and live edge or burl wood materials. From dainty jewelry pieces to large furniture items, she is only limited by the space in which she creates in. She enjoys spending time with her family, swimming, gardening, billiards, and loves roller coaster rides or anything comparably exciting.